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Foundation ‘Stichting’ Gebrs. De Jong’s Leen celebrates its 90th anniversary

Foundation ‘Stichting’ Gebrs. De Jong’s Leen celebrates its 90th anniversary

Since then a large number of descendants of Mr Herre Rinia en Mrs Reinskje van der Sluis have received grants. Among the receivers of grants students and university graduates but also people who needed a one time financial support regarding their educational training.

The activities of the foundation are not unique but looking back over the past 90 years it may be concluded that the foundation has been able to make a meaningful contribution to the education of many relatives. It is clear that after 2011 the foundation remains committed to provide grants to descendants who are in need for financial support regarding their educational activities.

The 90th anniversay of the foundation is celebrated on the 4th of November 2011 in Hotel De Wereld in Wageningen. During a dinner attended by members of the board, (former) receivers of grants and relatives chairman Herre Kingma extensively eleborated on the current situation and history of the foundation. So far the foundation has awarded 174 grants. This is a relatively high number compared to other private study foundations. Receivers of grants can be found in various countries like the Netherlands, Canada, Brazil, The United States of America and Germany. The first person awarded a grant was Mr Tjeerd Prosee in 1942. Many people followed since than.

The foundation sincerely thanks all attendees for their participation in the jubilee celebration. Below you may find a picture of this successful meeting.

On the photo a part of the quests at the dining table. First person from the right is Mr Erik Meier, Inspector study progress, and third from the left Mr Klaas-Jan van Dijk, Treasurer of the foundation.