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On Friday June the 17th 2011 the board of the foundation held a meeting in cafe restaurant “De Prins” in Makkum. This ancient building is situated next to the lock near the harbor of Makkum. The restaurant is well known for its walls covered with tiles showing all different kinds of sailing ships.

At the end of the meeting we discovered a nice object. In the restaurant stood a wooden, round table which according to Mr Bouma the proprietor of De Prins, was donated in 1870 by a group of men from Makkum to the club house. The names of these man were painted on the edge of te table. Among them the names of Kingma and Tichelaar. Boardmember Erik Meijer made some pictures of the scene which we do not want to keep for ourselves.

De geschonken tafel.


Member of the Board Mrs Antje van Dijk takes a good look at the tiles.