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Stichting Gebrs. de Jong's Leen

Foundation Gebroeders De Jong's Leen

Save the date - update

Stichting Gebr. de Jong's has his 100 years anniversary. To mark this special occasion we will hold a special online live event for all our members on the 2nd of October. And if the corona rules allow us, perhaps there will be an live event as wel. Save the date. Details will follow soon.


Foundation and activities

Foundation 'Stichting' Gebrs. De Jong's Leen is founded in 1921. Its main task is managing the estate of the De Jong brothers. Their inheritance became available to descendants for educational purposes. The foundation management includes keeping a family tree to make this possible.

The board

The board consists of:


The foundation disburses amounts of money, so called grants, to descendants of Mr Herre Rinia en Mrs Reinskje van der Sluis who are following a educational course, want to graduate or otherwise want to achieve an educational goal.

Descendants who believe they qualify for a grant must submit a completed application to the secretary of the foundation. The application form is only available for descendants and is only made available if the Board has started a application procedure. Whether one is descendant will be - among other ways - verified by consulting the family tree which is managed by the Foundation. A grant will be awarded after a positive decision made by the board of the foundation.

Gain access

Desendants may apply for a username and password by using the button 'Register' in the menu on this homepage. Please fill in the form completely and push the green button to submitt it. After giving approval to the application the descendant will receive a username and password by email.

Contact information

For contacting the Foundation a general e-mailadress is available: info@dejongsleen.nl 

To register as a descendant and to submit changes (marriage, divorce, birth and death of a descendant): see The Register.

The foundation is registered with the Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands under number 41000680.


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